Nezami Ganjavi levitation letter (Meraj Nameh) link with Quantic verses and traditions

Hamid Khodaparast, Mohammad Hadi Khaleghzadeh


One of the great miracles and special Messenger of Allah (PBUH), were the Prophet's ascension to the heavens and the high worlds. The beloved Prophet in one of nights associated with Gabriel and ride on glossy that he was prepared for the Prophet, from the Sacred Mosque to Jerusalem and from there ascended to heaven and was aware of how paradise and its blessings and hell and the torment it and also of the mysteries of the occult. Many prominent poets and literati have addressed to describe this great event in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In this article we intend paid to investigate the ascension to the narrative al- Nezami Ganjavi in the Makhzan Al- Asrar. In the book Makhzan Al- Asrar directly is mentioned to the story of Prophet's Ascension and in some bits of poetry sporadically is mentioned to the important travel Holy Prophet of Islam.


Ascension, Khams (Fifth), Holy Quran, Hadith, Travel, Literature, Nezami

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