Analyzing the relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction among the employees of PNU ( Ardabil branch)

Ahmad Zamani, Sita Poor Abasi, Taher Taheri


 One of the important characteristics of effective communication between managers and employees is the concept of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is, in fact, a major determinant of  difference between managers  who are successful more  and those who are successful less. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence and its components (self- motivations, self-awareness, self- controlling, empathy and social skills) and job satisfaction of the employees  of Ardabil PNU. The method of this study is  descriptive – analytic method based on correlation branch and is among field investigations  by questionnaires and based on purpose belongs to applied researches. The statistical population of this research was  employees of Payam Noor University of Ardebil city, which included 30 subjects, and all 30 subjects were selected as sample.

descriptive statistics was used to descript of variables and distribution of each variable and  hypothesis were  tested using  Pearson correlation coefficient, .The results showed that there is a significant relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction. Moreover, there are  significant relationships between components of self-awareness and job satisfaction, self-controlling  and  job satisfaction, empathy and job satisfaction as well social skills and job satisfaction.


Emotional intelligence, Self-awareness, Self-motivation, self-controlling, Social skills, Job satisfaction

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