The Relationship between Revelation and Virtual Learning

Arezoo Mohammade, Arsalan Mohammade


Nowadays, having various and advanced information and communication technologies, the rapid establishment of communication and exchange of information have been facilitated. People can receive any information in any place.However, the highest effect of information and communication technologies has been on learning environments. The application of communication and information technology in learning has directed leaning environment towards virtualization. This leads to increased relationship between people regarding learning and knowledge spreading. That’s how to enter the virtualization world, the world that can be called distance communication, such as revelation. God has created many phenomena and wonders, but nothing is as important as revelation. Because this holy phenomenon is the only window that keeps the relationship between human beings and paranormal world. If one day we find our relationships with the world outside have vanished, what terrible feeling we will have? How much it is possible to live in this tight and stifling environment? Revelation is like a window that makes our relationship with other worlds possible. Denial or disregarding this great divine gift leaves us alone in this world and will involve us in despair and frustration. Therefore, everybody must search about revelation and divine books and do not deprive himself from celestial and divine blessings. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between revelation and virtual learning to draw a new horizon in learning context for scholars. 


virtual learning, leaning, electronic learning, revelation, Quran, Quranic science

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