An Investigation on The Semantic Field of Serat

Fatemeh Bramki, Akram Ghanbari Maman, Zahra Alizadeh, Arezoo Zahedi, Zeynab Alizadeh


The literal meaning of Sirat is 'Path' and in terms includes of the spiritual Sirat and the worldly Sirat. In terms of the worldly Sirat it is divided into developmental Sirat that is the general guidance of the Lord and legislative Sirat that is the way of salvation and redemption. In the legislative definition sometimes the definition is applicable And God, Islam, religion, Qur'an, the Prophet and Imam Ali have been named. The spiritual Sirat is the bridge over Hell and how people pass it depends on the person's faith and practice that if one listened to reason and the voice of his nature and benefited from the worldly guidance, Pass on health of Hell Bridge but People who have followed their own whims In the worldly life, They fall into the fire of hell and since the purpose of man's creation is to achieve eternal happiness and the only way to reach it is embarking on a divine Sirat, Therefore, this article intends to review the Sirat in the verses and traditions and express the 

relationship between The Hereafter Sirat and the worldly Sirat and reminded its important role in the destiny of man.


Sirat, the spiritual Sirat, the worldly Sirat, Quran, traditions

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