The study of Lullabies in Folk Literature of Jahrom

Leila Moti Shirazi, * Mohammad Hadi Khaleghzadeh


The Persian poetry has had the brilliant background but any Persian poets related to the past literary of Iran did not specially allocated to write about children's literature and there are not any works about this subject. Iranian lullabies are parts of folk and inedible and old songs of Iran that originate in the far past. The first poetic and musical poetry is done between mother and child that embeds different spectrums of maternal wishes, woes and praises and is inherited chest to chest from past generations to today's generation. Lullabies express mothers' wishes and religious identity of people as well as social and economic concerns, the structures of the family such as emotional relationships and polygamy. Lullabies that are cited by mothers of Jahrom, consist of thousand hidden topics to which unconscious mind of the child accustomed and grows. Such lullabies whether son and whether contents are considered the most mellifluous and most beautiful songs of Persian language and State South Zones which are familiar to some of them. As any evident and written sources in the area of lullabies of Jahrom have not been written, yet, so that the method of author is based on free and presence manner and interviewing old people.


Children's Literature, Lullabies, Jahrom, Free and Presence.

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