Investigation into the Influence of Postmodernist Scholars on Postmodern Art Creation

Mahboubeh Taheri, Mehdi Loni


As for other fundamental areas, the art creativity has not been neglected by the philosophers and thinkers from the ancient Greek to contemporary age which is referred to as “postmodern age”. Considering the diversity of the ideas provided in history of the mankind civilization and thought, an investigation into the contemporary thoughts and their effects on contemporary art seems necessary. Based on the theories proposed in this age, postmodern thinkers highlighted the personal creative powers as the outcome of the referring to unconsciousness which stem from modern art styles, and believe the artwork creation not to tend to fall into a particular framework. Moreover, loyalty of the referral to past which is represented in art as individual conceptualism is the main principle of the postmodern art. Using a descriptive-analytic methodology and gathering the information and data in library method, the present research investigates the dominant theories in philosophy related to the postmodern art creativity. In this regard, the art creativity in two areas of study is addressed, i.e. art creativity in history and philosophy of the postmodern art. 


philosophy, postmodern art, art creativity

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