The study of the sociological factors on deviance tendency among boys and girls youth in Darrehshahr city (Ilam Province of Iran)

Jaber Molaiy, Gholamreza Ghasemnejad


Youth deviance has been a sensitive issue and the focal attention in the past among various societies and it has also been the focus of attention by a large number of authorities. This sociological study deals with the tendency of youth to deviance. The survey method study data were obtained by sample selecting of 376 among 16221 subjects in Darrehshahr city among boys and girls. Clustering study was used in this research. The results revealed that there is a meaningful difference between gender and deviance tendency. There is also relationship between social control, religious belief loyalty, relative frustration feeling, social anomie, companionship with deviant friends and tendency to deviance. And eighty three percent of the changes have interpreted and clarified the tendency to deviance. At the end, the study of the results indicated that the tendency to deviance among Darrehshahr youth is low to intermediate.


sociology, Darrehshahr city youth , deviance

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