Examining the Effectiveness of Sense of Humor on Mental Health in Students of Tehran

Amir Shirinzadeh, Yasaman Shirinzadeh



The present study was conducted with the aim of examining the effectiveness of humorous behaviors on mental health in male and female students of Tehran. High school male and female students in academic year of 2015-2016 consisted the statistical population of the study. After coordination with the Department of Education in Tehran, 100 individuals were selected randomly.  Sense of Humor Scale by Martin & Lekfurt and Psychological Symptoms SCL25-R Questionnaire by Greeson were the questionnaires used in the present study. The results were analyzed and evaluated by SPSS software. The results showed there is a significant relationship between mental health and sense of humor so that individuals with mental health are significantly more witty ( 0.05).


Mental health, Sense of humor, Students, Humorous behavior, Students of Tehran.

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