The Legal Nature of Bei’at and Its Role in Islamic Political Education

Mary Amossadat Mohaghegh


This article examines the legal nature of Bei’at and its role in Islamic political education in the era of its presence. Since the effect of Bei’at is imperative in both theoretical and applied aspects (e.g. in Islamic political philosophy and then in the basis of Islamic State), therefore acting upon it will be crucial in Islamic political education. What has resulted from researching the topic, while investigating the nature of Bei’at in vocabulary and idiom, and examination of historical context of Bei’at and its various types has been the answer to an opening question brought up by the people in society; originating from their political awakening, “Would Bei’at, in the state of presence, play a role in legitimacy or competence?” and has successfully reached its goal that will take place after people pledge Bei’ate withProphet Muhammad (S)and Imams.


pledge, Bei’at, government, politics, political awakening, political education

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