Model wives in Quran, the book of revelation

Azadeh Zeinali, Hamed Azizinia


Human development of women in the light of the divine law of Islam is indubitable. In this paper, the influential angles of the biography of brave and role model wives mentioned in our holy book, the Quran, are considered. Those women who could get along with their husbands enduring figures leave behind. Drawing portrays of women and splendid spouses are to explain the values of Muslim ladies. This article template for unveiling the issue in a library research method. These women never lost their hopes and attention to God in any severe circumstances, such as Asiye as the wife of Pharaoh, the great pagan of his time, and others like Zakariya’s wife who accompanied his husband until death. It’s clear that women with such history in the path of righteousness deserve receiving the message of God and this revealed proof of the claim of sex equality in the area of faith and piety. 


woman, model, Quran, wife, revelation

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