The role of the family and society on reducing the youth addiction

Sara Firouzian


Despite the involvement of today's youth with the problem of unemployment, we can no longer be indifferent to issues such as addiction that is terribly daily revealed by statistics and has contaminated the soul and spirit of many of the youth to itself. Nowadays, it cannot be easily passed over the problem of addiction, which leads to despair, poverty and frustration of young population, that disregarding for this social problem will certainly be followed irreparable damages and destructive consequences. Therefore; each of us, as a member of this society, are responsible to seriously deal with this social problem and century disease and take a step as much as we can. Considering the results, today, there are 218 million addicted people around the world and in Iran; more than two million people have been infected. On the other hand, according to the prison authorities, about 50 percent of female prisoners are currently in prison in relation to drugs and addiction that quoting from these authorities; this figure has been increasing in recent years. However, they cannot be probably trusted and judged due to the distribution of information and the antithesis of statistics. Nevertheless, the problem of female drug users is considered as an issue that cannot be simply ignored. According to the experts, female addiction is more problematic than men's addiction. Since women's drug use is often associated with social damages such as running away from home and violence. On the other hand, when a woman becomes addicted, she is not only the person involved personal and social consequences of drug abuse, but it can be also affected both children and the family. As if there is an addicted woman in a family, her family will not be spared from the others' reproachful look. Such a family can be easily exposed to types of dangers and may even be torn apart. 


family, society, the role of addiction

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