Reflective components and religious teachings in lyrics by Vahshi Bafghi

Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Gholami Bidak, Mahmoud Barati


Kamaluddin Vahshi Bafqi is the poet in the sixteenth century in Safavi era. He was not indifferent as the poet's Shiite Muslim religion and their beliefs and commitment towards ethical and cultural and religious situation in your community. According to his thoughts, desires and beliefs of many religious concepts is reflected in his poems. The works of the poet reflects on religion, morality, religious, political and social policies of the poet and his community. Vahshi Bafqi as the religious poet and committed has beautifully reflected many religious teachings such as ethics and wisdom, prayer, Ascension of the Prophet (PBUH), influence of the Qur'an and the sayings and teachings of pure Imams (AS), prophets and imams appearance, jurisprudence, Thanksgiving, mysticism and mystical love, believe in the Hereafter and heaven and Hell, belief in fate and so on poetry and his works and sometimes it's exquisite illustrations, and content creation which has been influence and attract the audience and his readers word.



Vahshi Bafqi, ethics, religious teachings, books of poetry

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