Review the Comparative of conceptual humor in poetries of Ahmad Matar and Emran Salahi

Razieh Khoshzamir


In societies rather than law, force is governed, Expose the truth, is possible only in  indirectly manner. in this situation,Comics got to work and efforts To clarify thoughts and public awareness, which among them, Ahmad Matar, poet of Basra and Emran Salahi, an Iranian poet can be called. Who stood in front  of adversity, and According to the exigencies of that  time, wrote poetries. in fact these Poets, With all boldnes , stated criticisms about the Sick society and its disadvantages and for this reason, Has  similar thoughts. this study, was a descriptive – analytical study and According to the US approach in comparative literature with Overview humor  theoretical discussions, Differences and similarities were analyzed  in the poems of these two poets. Eventually  it was found that, Since these two poets are influenced by the political and social changes, Their humors are mainly based on political and social issues of society. Which was In the form of direct criticism and satire and ridicule. And In this way,The unfavorable aspects of human behavior to be challenged  but  The difference is that Matar with explicit language  tells his criticism but  Salahi, state social problems in the secret  and hidden manner.  so that identify irony in the poems of Salahi is hardly possible . 


Conceptual humor, Ahmad Matar, Emran Salahi, Comparative Literature

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