Factors of the Islamic Lifestyle in the Word of Imam Ali (a.s)

Ashraf Keymanesh, Mohsen Khoshfar, Niloofar Afzalzadeh Naeini


By developing various types of lifestyles in the modern world, today the need for a complete role model concordant with the innate nature and the real need of man for walking through the path of servitude to Allah (s.w.t.) is being felt. This necessity lead to evaluate features of modern lifestyle and its dimensions in the word of the perfect role model of humanity, Imam Ali (a.s.). The data in this study is gathered by the analytical-descriptive method and is book based. The domain of research is centralized on Amir ul-Mo’menin’s viewpoints concerning the Islamic family and its lifestyle. Evaluating the teachings and points of the study shows that the Islamic family in the view of Imam Ali (a.s.) enjoys some characteristics emphasized in the various fields of belief, behavior and morality. These features such as: religious zeal (of man towards his wife) and the characters of improper zeal, taking responsibility in the family, struggle for the preparation of economic needs of the family and good temper, are peculiar traits of husband. And other traits such as: to be righteous, wisdom and intellect, modesty and chastity, affording pleasant company to the husband, sacrifice, obeying the husband, interaction and compatibility with the husband, contentment, wife’s management at home and wearing Hijab and preserving modesty, are among the special traits of wife pointed out by Imam Ali (a.s.). And other characteristics such as: taking the Ahl ul-Bayt (a.s.) as role models, considering each other’s religious needs, truthfulness, satisfaction, good temper, knowing the mutual rights and observing them, keeping the individual privacy, living 

a simple life, overlooking and tolerance in life, to be satisfied from each other, doing good to the family, patience towards husband’s bad temper, respecting the parents, nurturing a righteous generation, are among the common traits between husband and wife.


Lifestyle, Islamic Family, Imam Ali (a.s.), Feature of the Lifestyle

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