Implicitness in Language Use: The Yoruba Example

Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose


This study finds a place within existing literature by establishing that aesthetics and connotations are not just features of proverbial expressions in Yoruba. Everyday plain expressions can also be so linguistically rich that only those who are well enculturated will decipher the actual meanings of certain simple expressions. Using Jacob Mey’s Pragmatic Acts as the theoretical guide, the study found out that certain simple Yoruba expressions can be used to warn, caution, tell, explain, complain and perform other actions without being explicit. The study concludes that, as Yoruba is gradually becoming one of the most learnt languages of the world, teachers of the language should pay attention to not just the structure and vocabulary of the language but also its pragmatic use.



Yoruba, Implicitness, Pragmatic acts.

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