Outcomes of Detection of Despair and Strategies for Treating and Dealing with it in Islamic Teachings

Seyyedeh Fatemeh Hashemi, Samira Mohajeri


In this article it is tried to introduce the concept of despair trait and then focus of the origin of this phenomenon and then the resulting bad outcomes of behavior and belief in Quran and verses are studied. In this research the library method and note taking from the Islamic resources are used and also verses, quotes, experts’ views and interpretations are used. The most important outcome of despair is leaving worshiping God, moving away from divine mercy, depression and impatience in difficulties. The most important solution for treating and coping with despair is improving religious foundations especially resurrection and justice, remembering divine blessings and coping with factors causing despair. 


Despair, Outcomes of Despair, Treating and Coping with despair, Islamic Teachings.  

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