Kazaruniyya, Anti-knowledge Sufis or Inward-oriented Knowledgeable

Mohyeddin Ghanbari, Hajar Lakzian


Meaning and concept of Knowledge among Sufis or Bateni people is different from superficial attitude, and in expression stage sometimes they considered knowledge and Sharia including Zahir and Batin and sometimes conceived religious knowledge as three levels including skin, core and extract that are connecting to truth, they considered orders and types for the knowledge, of course each one’s honor was dependent on its subject. Sheikh Abu Ishaq Kazerooni (426 Ah) and his followers in Fars region of Iran, along with attention and emphasis on religious and mystical knowledge as main bases of his Tarigha system, paid attention to the other sciences such as medicine, law and justice, management and economic, and have attempted to develop them and all of these actions in a time about one thousand years ago indicate intelligent foresight and leading attempts of this mystical-islamic-Iranian path in attention to superficial sciences based on their needs and requirements


Kazaruniyya, mysticism, Sufism, science history, epistemology

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