Investigating the cultural factors of increasing Wahhabiat in the world

Rahim Sayah


Regarding to increasing Wahhabiat in the world and especially in Islam world, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study among Muslims. The present study focused on three main factors of increasing Wahhabiat –cultural, social and political dimensions-. Wahhabiat is considered as a religious caste started by Mohammad-Ibn Abdul- Wahhab and under support of Al Saud to revitalize thoughts of Ibn-Timieh Hanbali in Hejaz, and has developed in Middle-East, Europe, and Africa and oil dollars of Arabia Saudi and Western policies and Israel. In fact, Wahhabiat make threats to culture, identity and security of Islamic communities, also it is a danger for all Islam world-not only Shiite-. According to the studies, the most important factor to increase Wahhabiat in the world maybe the policies of Israel internationally alongside disagreement to Islam, especial policies of America and England and their coordination to Israel due to common strategies and financial sources of oil dollars and supports of Wahhabi leaders and Al Saudi. So, all Islamic countries try to disagree to cultural, social and political strategies of Wahhabiat.



Wahhabiat, Takfiri, Zionism, Selfi, Ibn-Timieh, Mohammad Ibn- Abdul Wahhab.

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