Velayat Faghih , Tyranny, democracy or superior system ?

Rahim Sayah


Velayat faghih on shiya culture after innocent imam has an important role on expansion , broadening and protecting of followers of this religion . Because of that on recent century , especially on years after Islamic revolution of  Iran , it has been under the Propaganda invasion and ambiguities of enemies of Islam and shiya . this article with the subject of Velayat faghih , Tyranny, democracy or superior system , with the tendency of responding to the intellectuals Doubts, has attended to a common doubt on this discussion and tries to explain some of the weaknesses  of western democracies and drop the charges of Dictatorship from the pure face of velayat faghih , and clarifies that velayat faghig system has no conflict with democracy , and even the vali faghih himself is chosen directly or indirectly by people , but also covers many of the weak points which exist on western democracies and solves them . Comparison between indicators of dictatorship system and democracy with indicators of velayat faghih system proves this claim. the words of diseased imam and magham moazam rahbari as two obvious examples of vali faghih on recent century , in order of clarifying indicators of each one of these concepts is the best confirmation on this word, which it is indicated on this article.


Government, velayat faghih , democracy , Tyrannical system , democracy

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