The Role of identity processing styles in religious beliefs

Razieh Sheikholeslami, Masoumeh Omranian


This study investigated the relationship between identity processing styles (Informative, Normative and Diffused-avoidant styles) and religious beliefs. The subjects included 200 (105 females, and 95 males) students of Shiraz University that were selected randomly by cluster sampling method. Instruments were:  Identity Styles Questionnaire (ISI-G6) and Religious Orientation Questionnaire based on Islam. The result of this research showed significant positive correlation between Informative and Normative identity styles and religious beliefs (rituals-beliefs and Moralities components). The result of regression analysis showed that informative identity style predicts significantly the moralities component. Normative identity style positively and significantly, and Diffused-avoidant style negatively and significantly predict religious beliefs and its components. This research generally highlights the important role of Normative and Diffused-avoidant identity styles in university students'religious beliefs. 


Islamic Religious Orientation, Identity Processing Styles, Religious beliefs, Identity

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