Viktor Frankl’s view on anthropology and comparing it with Islam’s approach

Azadeh Mahvelati, Mahsima Pourshahriari, Massoud Azerbaijani


One of the original concerns of each person is recognizing his/her true existence as a human being. It is obvious that this recognition as a human depends on the approach one adopts to look upon the world and would impress one’s perception regarding oneself and one’s surroundings. The author of this article initially has tried to work on Viktor Frankl’s theory- frankl is known as a macro theoretician, Psychiatrist and spiritual- existential psychologist- and then investigate about a number of anthropological principles of his theory such as human’s nature, his needs, his essence and his prosperity and perfection and eventually finds the compatible aspects of this theory with Islamic approach, that is Quran (The Quran is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from God. It is widely regarded as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language. Quranic chapters are called suras and verses, ayahs), and Muhammad (Muslims believe the last messenger of Allah) and Imamah (The Shia believe that the Imams are the true Caliphs or rightful successors of Muhammad, and further that Imams are possessed of divine knowledge and authority as well as being part of the Ahl al-Bayt, the family of Muhammad. These Imams have the role of providing commentary and interpretation of the Quran as well as guidance people).


anthropology, Viktor Frankl, Islamic approach

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