Criteria of the Empathy and Compassion in the Muslim World from the Perspective of the Supreme Leader (his shadow highly extended)Inspired by the Culture of Ghadir

Mohammad Hossein Tohidi Fard, Abraham Noori, Abbas Mir Shafie


     The event of Ghadir is one of the Muslims ‘festivities and the Islamic solidarity which is not purely religious holiday but it is for the dignity of human beings. In fact, the event is component of the planned geometry of the whole universe that connects the end line the prophecy mission along to the need for being guided. Ghadir great importance and its value can cause unity, solidarity, the rule of justice, the pursuit of dignity in personal and social life of Muslims and paves the way for cooperation in different fields of political, economic, cultural, and military and leads to the lack of any dependence on foreigners. This article is written by using library studies, in view of the Supreme Leader regarding the Islamic criteria of empathy and compassion in the Islamic world, with a focus on Ghadir culture; of which the issues such as the importance of Ghadir, and the need for unity, empathy and compassion factors such as authority, leadership, virtue, character and popularity of Imam Ali (AS) and the strategies to achieve these indices such as; Avoidance of conflicts, strengthening the common interests and a return to the religious path, the need for contemplation in Ghadir and .... are among the results of this study.


empathy and compassion, the Islamic world, the supreme leader, Ghadir.

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