A Pathological Survey on the Manner and the Amount of Using the Internet in Male Senior High School Students: A Phenomenological Study

Keyvan Salehi, Mosa Zarei


The ever-increasing nature of the information and communication technologies and the Internet along with their various advantages in the contemporary world has caused some serious concerns among parents and educational experts about the negative effects of these new media. The unfamiliarity or the limited knowledge of the virtual world or the cyberspace can cause serious harms on the students and also their families consequently. In this survey, a phenomenological approach has been used to reconstruct the students' perceptions semantically and by using a critical approach to represent some of the current disadvantages and also the threats of the Internet , it has been shown what the perception of the students are towards this phenomenon and how they evaluate it. In this survey attempts have been made to understand and perceive the understudy phenomenon in the students' points of view by using semi-structured interviews and also narrative data obtained from the interviews done with 30 students and finally the analysis of the phenomenon through using Colaizzi method. The analysis of the results shows that 90% of students play the online game "Clash of Clans" and their dependence on the Internet has resulted in the destroying and weakening the social and family relationships, undermining the religious beliefs, the academic failure, the violence, the Internet addiction and the physical damages


A Pathological Survey, Internet, Pornography, Chat, Phenomenology, Network.

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