Defining Mission- oriented organization factors for insurance industry

Sara Yamini, Mohammad A. Sarlak, Ali A. Pourezzat, Ali. A. Ahmadi


Organizational mission deviation is factor which puts an end to the organization life cycle. Hence moving toward the organizational missions is known as the critical organizational survival approach among all organizations. In this respect we have studied the dimensions of organizational missions in the insurance industry using the Delphi method and expressive statistical techniques and the concept mapping technique which resulted to our conceptual model of mission-based organization with the stress value of 0.23 for insurance organizations in Iran.

On the basis of presented conceptual model and our research, the dimensions of organizational missions in insurance industry followed by the indicators of each dimension had determined. Dimensions of our conceptual model are named as market management, Staff, work processes, insurance services, social liability of the organization and financial aspects which are the most important criterion in insurance industry and by following them the survival of this industry can be guaranteed.


: Mission, Mission-oriented, Insurance.

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