Medicinal properties of pomegranate in Quran and Islamic Traditions (Hadith)

Morteza Darabinia, Nourollah Sade ghzadeh, Ali Morad Heidari Gorji, Arona Chabra


Thecreation of the universe and creation system is purposeful and based on negation of falsehood. The emergence of this rule is true in all creatures of the universe. Islam emphasizes on herbal therapy and strictly orders the use of some specific fruits such as pomegranate. One of the inherentsubtleties on the medical benefits of pomegranate, emphasized in Quran and Hadith, related to this issue that not only the juice of this fruit is useful but also its seeds and peelhave numerous properties for body treatment and soul’s recovery.

Aim:The aim of this study is to investigate the medicinal importance of pomegranate, as it emphasized in the Quran and Hadith.

Materials and Methods: In this study, an analytical-conceptual method was used. Related verses of Quran and Hadith of Imams were used to data collection, then, usingthe key words such pgranatum, L.varpleniflora, Punicacea, VarnanaPracillisima and searching in valid scientific references such as Springer, Google Scholar, Science direct, Magiran, Noormags and SID with, the required data were extracted and then, the data was analyzed in accordance with the objectives of this research.

Results: in Quran, God order to eat pomegranate and Imams dubbed it as the superior fruit on the importance of it. Now,in traditional medicine, pomegranate is known as a fruit of paradise and in scientific research, including clinical trials, in vivo studies and chemical analysis of plant, medicinal properties of its fruit, peel and stem particularly myocardial infarction prophylactic properties, anti-cancerous, antioxidant, anti-microbial properties and on the other hand, strengthening properties of the immune system, digestion, etc., have been approved.  

Discussion and conclusion: contemplation of verses and Hadith guarantee the access to the secrets of creation in excellent system that not made in vain. Afflatus and the statements of Imams are full of principles and rules that guide the thinker well to know God's blessings and use them. Therefore, it is worthy that the thinkers bring new scientific achievements to humanity by thinking on wisdom hidden in Quran and Hadith as new research is still ongoing on other medicinal benefits of pomegranates


Quran, Pomegranate, Medicinal properties, Islamic medicine, Hadith.

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