Providing a suitable advertising model to increase market share of non-oil products of East Azarbaijan Province to CIS countries

Taher Roshandel Arbatani, Mojtaba Ramazani


Despite numerous economic advantages in East Azarbaijan province can be regarded as a hub for exports to countries in the region. Increasing exports requires effective and efficient advertising strategies to achieve and reach foreign competitive markets. In this regard, the present study aims to provide advertising model to increase non-oil goods’ share of East Azarbaijan Province in CIS markets. The population consisted of non-oil products exporters, along with experts and advertisement managers in the province. Data were collected through a questionnaire and one sample t-test and Friedman test was used for analysis. In this study, four main approaches to develop an advertising model have been selected, which include: media, outdoor, and face to face and incentive approaches. The results show that the highest-ranking is devoted to face to face advertising approach. Advertising methods based on the average ratings are: the presence in foreign exhibitions (9.82), resellers (9.81), sending trade delegations to the CIS countries (8.74), inviting businessmen to visit the province (8.65) and holding exhibitions and conferences at the provincial level (8.62). Other effective methods of advertising include online advertising with an average rating of 8.31, advertising on sports teams of CIS countries with an average rating of 7.94 and discount prices for certain exported goods (7.85). In conclusion, suggestions to improve cross-border advertising model are presented


advertising, non-oil products, East Azarbaijan Province, CIS countries.

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