The Relationship between Psychological Hardiness with Addiction to Internet in Female High School Students of Ahvaz

Narges Saremi, Leyla Shoaei, Koochak Mashayekhi, Koorosh Darabi


The aim of the present study was examining the relationship between psychological hardiness with addiction to internet in female high school students of Ahvaz. 377 female high school students consisted the participants of this study that were assigned through multi-stage cluster sampling method. The design of the study was descriptive and correlational. Ahvaz Psychological Hardiness Questionnaire (AHI) and Young's Addiction to Internet Questionnaire were used in this study. All questionnaires are of acceptable validity and reliability. Data were analyzed using Pearson's correlation coefficient and multiple regression coefficients at the significance level of 0.05 for testing the assumptions. The results showed there is a significant relationship between psychological hardiness with addiction to internet. According to the results of regression analysis with step by step method, psychological hardiness are predictors of addiction to internet in students.


Psychological hardiness, Addiction to internet, students.  

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