Investigating the Effect of Group Career Counseling in Super Method on Enhancing the Job Satisfaction among the Female Nurses of Social Security Hospitals of Ahvaz City

Shahin Nabhani, Abdollah Shafiabady, Mansour Soodani



The present study aimed at investigating the effect of group career counseling in Super method on enhancing the job satisfaction among the female nurses of social security hospitals of Ahvaz city. Research design was of semi-experimental (pretest – posttest with both control and experimental groups) type. Statistical population includes all female nurses who were working in social security hospitals of Ahvaz City in 2012 and subjects were selected by convenience sampling method. For implementing this study, at first, Smith & et al. Job Satisfaction Questionnaire was distributed among 80 nurses who were willing to participate in the research from among them, 40 nurses who obtained the least scores in this test were selected and then they were classified randomly into two control (20 persons) and experimental (20 persons) groups. The experimental group members took part in 10 sessions each of which lasted 90 minutes. Group career counseling sessions were managed based on the career counseling theory. After finishing the sessions, follow-up session (one month later) was held. One-way covariance analysis (ANCOVA) and multivariate covariance analysis (MANCOVA) were used for analyzing the data. Results showed that group counseling in Super method had enhanced the job satisfaction and its components among the nurses and this satisfaction has continued to the follow-up stage.  


Super Career Counseling, Job Satisfaction.

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