The survey of the relation between spirituals intelligence with quality work life and professional morality of school administrators in Baghmalek

Mojahed Ahmadzadeh, Sakineh Shaahi


 The purpose  of  current  research  is  to  survey  the  relationship  between  spiritual intelligence  with  quality  work  life  and  professional  morality  of  administrators  in  the    Schools of Baghmalak .The method   of research is descriptive – correlative and the      population  with  223  people  includes  all  school  administrators  of  three  periods  of  study  of  study  of  Baghmalek  in  94-95  educational   year. The  volume  of  statistical  sample  of  150  people  which  were  chosen  by  using  a  stratified  random  sampling  adequate  to the  population  of  male  and  female  administrators  was  calculated  according  to  kerjis  and  Morgan  table. In  this  research  were  used   from   three  standardized   questionnaires  of    King 's   spiritul  intelligence   ,Waltoon ' s   quality  work   life  and   Kadozir ' s  professional   morality . At  fairly  high  the   validity  of   questionnaire  by  experts  the  reliability  of  questionnaire  by  the  manufacturer  have  been determined. Descriptive   and  inferential  statisitical  analysis  was performed and the  level of statistical  indicators  of  descriptive  statistics  such  as  frequency , percentage ,mean and  standard  deviation of   inferential  statistical   methods  such  as  correlation  and  independed  groups  of  T_test  was  used.The  results  showed  that  the   observed   R   at  the  level of p≤0/05showed   that  there  is  a positive  and  meaningful  correlation  between spiritual  intelligence   with  quality  work  life   and  spiritual  intelligence  with  professional  morality of  administrators  in  Baghmalek  schools at  result, hypotheses  of  ( 1 , 2) research  were  confirmed.



spiritual intelligence, quality work life, professional morality, administrators of schools.

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