Assessment of the quality of public services in executive organizations of Iranshahr city by using Garvin model and prioritize them

Masuood Poorkiany, Seyed Gholam Reza Hosseini Poor Abadi


This research tries to recognize expectations and perceptions of customers from public services of executive organizations in Iransshahr city regarding to definition of quality equivalent with to meet customers’ demands. The main aim of this research is determining the quality gaps of these services by using Garvin,s assessment model in studied organizations. Data of this applied and descriptive research were gathered from selected sample that includes 384 subjects from all people who referred to executive organizations in Iranshahr city. They were selected based on cluster sampling method according to size of studied population. Data gathering tools include questionnaire contains 24 dual questions related to eight aspects of quality: notification, speed, accuracy, aesthetics, proper behavior, law-abiding, simplicity and flexibility. The results show that there is significant difference between expectations and perceptions of customers in all eight aspects of quality. This difference is highest in aspect of notification and least in accuracy aspects, respectively. In terms of priority, notification aspect occupied the first priority and flexibility in eight priority, respectively. Thus, it is suggested that customer, s expectation from quality of services should be considered in addition to using new communicative techniques and office equipment, staff training, more accurate control and reporting, high attention to aesthetics, cleanness and harmony of all elements and organizational environment


Notification, Accuracy, Aesthetics, Proper behavior, law-abiding, flexibility.

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