Apothegm and Adage in Al-Mutanabi’s Poetry

Reza Hajargasht, Sadegh Khorsha


In the fourth century, great poets emerged at the time of the Abbasids.Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Mutanabi is an example. Al-Mutanabi is an admirer of majesty, power, strength, and courage.Exaggeration and hyperbole are main characteristic of l-Mutanabbi’s odes. In his panegyrics, he pays much attention to spiritualtraits such as courage, generosity, robustness, knowledge, wisdom, and so on rather than material and the superficial properties such as aesthetics, a lot of assets, relatives and children. He is one of the great poets in the entire Arab history. His collection of poems has been read by others more than other poets. He is compared to Hafiz and Anwari in Persian literature. This article aims to study thedominant worldview of his poems apart from some common themes in his lyrics.


Poetry, adage, odes, Arabic poetry, Al-Mutanabi. Introduction

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