Reviewing Types of Allusion in Maftoon Bordokhooni’s Quatrains

Parvin Mashayekh, Sayyed Mojtaba Hosseini


Allusion is one of the most utilized literary skills. Poets and orators embrace broad meanings through allusions in terse and concise form. In addition to charm and fancy, allusions help them to expand meaning dimensions of their expression. Full awareness about a story or a poem is necessary for understanding verses or phrases utilized by allusions. Not only is this recognition helpful in apprehension of writer or poet’s true viewpoints but also it enlarges the fineness of his expression. Maftoon as a poet takes advantage of allusion remarkably in order to add on elegance of his poetry. This study draws out allusions in Maftoon’s Quatrain. They are in several types of Quranic verses, religious traditions, love and myth stories common in Persian literature, mythic and astrological terms. By the review of different types of allusion in his poems, it appears that he took mainly attention on Quranic and religious allusions. 


quatrain, poets of quatrain in the south of Iran, Maftoon Bordokhooni, allusion.

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