Essay on the Link between Sustainable Culture of Iranian Architecture and Today's Environment

Neda Bakhshandeh, Fatemeh Ebrahimzadeh Navaei


Modern man, who lives in a troubled and chaotic world, needs to achieve ways that respond to the pressures of time and create a safe and favorable environment. On the one hand, environment means a space including humans and other creatures, and on the other hand, it can be considered a limited and perceptible space for humans so the environment for people with different views and cultures will be different and the place is not only a space for the formation of human activities, but a phenomenon that man gives meaning to it and has a sense of place to it through recovering his identical and cultural roots in interaction with it so that sometimes he knows himself through it. Sense of place is the interconnectedness of human, his mental conceptions and environmental features. This concept on the one hand roots in subjective experiences such as memory, tradition, history, culture, society, etc., and on the other hand is affected by external and objective contexts in environment such as design, sight, smell and sound which show a sense of place is a complex concept of human feelings towards the environment and is created as a result of compliance and human use of place, that is a sense of place is not predetermined but is created from human interaction with the locations of everyday life. The present study is an attempt to understand the effective cultural factors in collective architecture environment and components of a sense of place in these environments study the relationship between these two factors (culture and a sense of place) to assess the response of social environments, so by collecting desk resources and using the descriptive – analytical approach authors aimed to create an environment that is the origin of the cultural needs of the people and promote a sense of belonging to place architecture in them and provide a framework for designers’ awareness of the impact of architecture space on the sense of belonging to the architectural place.



environment - culture - sense of place - architectural space - Iranian architecture.

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