The effect of cognitive-behavioral treatment on body mass index and body image perception of overweight peoples referring to nutrition-treatment centers of Ilam Province

Fatemeh Sohrabi, Reza Pasha, Farah Naderi, Parviz Asgari, Parvin Ehtesham Zade


Obesity is a chronic disease that if is not treated, in addition to cause physical and mental disease, decreases people's ability and work capacity and makes them more vulnerable against most of disease. Purpose: the research has been conducted aiming at studying the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on baby mass index and perception of baby image of the overweight people referring to the Health Centers of Ilam province. The research methodology was semi-experimental of the kind of pre test- past test and following up with the control group. Among the eligible male and female volunteers, 30 people were simple randomly selected and divided into two groups of experiment (30 people) and control (30 people). The tools of collecting data in this research were body mass index and Body Image Concern Inventory (BICI) of Littleton. By using the treatment protocol of Cooper Zefra, translated by Kheirollah Sadeghi, the experiment group were treated during 11 months (24 sessions during 44 weeks) in two phases of weight loss and weight maintenance (the phase of weight lose during 30 weeks and the phase of weight maintenance during 14 weeks) in 5-45 minutes sessions, and the control group did not receive any treatment after finishing the sessions, the post test was conducted and analyzing data was performed based on multi-variables covariate analysis. The research results showed that the cognitive behavioral treatment has significantly influenced on body mass index and body image perception of the experimental group. Cognitive behavioral therapy has an effect on body mass index and body image perception and can be used to control and lose weight.


body image perception, overweight people, cognitive behavioral treatment, body mass index.

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