“Insight and identifying of enemy in Doctrine of Imam Ali (PBUH)”

Akbar Ghafoori, Fatemeh Dehghani Dashtabi


The subject of insight and identifying of enemy has special position in Islamic sociology and dealing with this subject is deemed as one of requisites since as the real concept, Islamic community denotes governing of illuminative injunctions and orders of holy Sharia and in other words it is to flow all goods and well-wishers through individual and social dimensions.

It is a matter of fact that the dimensions of subject of insight and identifying of enemy are not only restricted to social and political dimension of human life, but the requisite of this subject may appear in all individual and social human’s dimensions as well as ideological, moral, cultural, and social dimensions of human.

As looking at activities accurately and clearly, insight is one of the cases that contribute to human in distinguishing of correct from incorrect in social-political crises thereby good is separated from evil and God-believer is differentiated from atheist and hypocrite.

The methodology of this article is of descriptive-analytic type and we come to this point that passing through right path without guidance light may lead to stop and or deviation from this path and goal and this light is the same as insight. 


Concept of insight, Insight tools, Sincerity, Thinking, Wittiness, Exemplar, Quran, Rationality, History, Mammonism, Enemies, Mischief, Reactionary, Assimilation

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