“Image of social services in Nahjolbalagheh”

Akbar Ghafoori, Zivar Ghazanfari


Human is a creature with civil nature that needs to bilateral community and cooperation to meet his/ her primary requirements. This requirement and interaction among individual and community necessitates for presence of an interpreted comprehensive system to prevent from shattering of social activities and the members of community to be able to fulfill their needs under its aegis. One of such cases is system of social services that has been essentially addressed by Islam and it has been always noticed by thinkers due such importance. Inter alia, the attitude of religious texts (Quran, Nahjolbalagheh, and narratives and tradition (Sunna) of Pure Imams) is crucially important.

At the same time, Nahjolbalagheh is a comprehensive book and it has dealt with different fields while it posits major topics regarding ruling affairs and social services. The present article tends analyze and interpret dimensions and fields of social services as well and role of government and people for further dynamism through review and analysis on orations, epistles, and axioms of Nahjolbalagheh. Thus initially a comprehensive definition from social services is emphasized and analyzed that mainly aims at study on paramount dimensions of social services in Nahjolbalagheh including educational services, judicial services, retirement affairs, administration of social justice, and economic welfare etc


Nahjolbalagheh, Community, Government, Social

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