Analysis of Plant Designs of Seven-color Tile

Parisa Mehdipoor


 Tiling is one of the pleasant methods of architectural decoration in all Islamic lands. Tiling has been one of the most important aesthetic manifestation of creator spirit and Iranian artists’ aesthetic, and plant designs used in the seven-color tile are evidence for this claim. Plant designs are beautiful and simple. Despite diversity, they have unity and cohesion. The aim of this paper is to introduce seven-color tiling and plant designs used. In this study, we examined the cedar, Khataei, and pot designs. The, we will respond to this question: 1- what are the features of plant designs?


Library method and content analysis method were used in this study. Library method was used as the main tool to collect data and note taking and video documents were also used in this regard.


tiling, seven-color tiles, plant designs.

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