Transmission of Sciences from Indian Civilization to world of Islam

Ahmad Reza Behniafar


The India was thebrightcentersof science and civilizationinthe ancient worldand withthespread of Islam, Muslimsbecame familiar by variouscultures andcivilizations including theculture and civilization ofIndia. The land that was advancedin terms of science and knowledge, especially medicine, mathematics, astronomy andart of architectureand not onlyMuslims butalsoother nationsutilized thehoardingsofIndian civilization.The main purpose ofthis article isto addressingof thisissue that what was theimpactofIndian civilizationon the Islamic world. Research method, is the library relying on primary resources and study the effectsand recent studies insubjectis desired.Beingreligiouscivilization ofIndia, andits priorityinsome respectsover all othercivilizations,Iranian important role inthe transmissionscientific of Indian civilizationto the Muslim worldand theimpact ofIndian in science of medicine, mathematics andastronomytoMuslimsis fromfindings ofthe article and the final resultis that therevival ofIslamic civilizationinpresent is possible with inventing, initiative, innovation and creativity notpure imitation, so that theMuslimsthroughthis way achieved significantadvances in the past


Islamic Civilization - World of Islam - the Indian civilization - Transmission of Science

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