A study of attitude polarization in worshiping God from the perspective Imam Ali (AS) and its resolution

Tahereh Madhat Bojnoord Bojnoord, Mohsen Khoshfar


The purpose of this article, which is based on Nahjolbalagha and implemented through library research and taking notes from commentaries written for Nahjolbalagha, is to explore the harms of obedience and servitude path in the words of the Imam Ali (AS) or the harms of polarized attitudes towards worshiping Allah including defects such as unwillingness to worship, experience of suffering and torment, tendency to follow deviant sects and the loss of opportunities and regret. Moreover, through an exploration of the eloquent words of Imam Ali (AS), we will delves into some of the proposed coping strategies including invocation of God, patience in worship, sufficiency of performing obligations at the time of dejection and practicing recommended acts of worshipat the time of bliss, and Worshipping at the time of physical health  


worship, defects, polarized attitudes, strategies, Imam Ali

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