Judicial responsibility of state in protection of citizen's rights versus human rights violations; focusing on the judicial system of Iran

Seyyed Ahmad Habibnezhad, Mahdi Balavi, Mahnaz Bayat Komitaki


Without state's legal protections, realization of human rights purposes is a troublesome issue. State must decide to preserve individuals and nationals public freedoms. The establishment of an adequate monitoring system can control authorities, prevent them to breach human rights and also conduct them in order to perform their duties. Due to this fact, establishing special judicial bodies, pursuing human rights petitions of citizens versus states, seems to be a necessary and undeniable point. In this assay, researchers ,with examining of the foundations, principles and the extent of state judicial responsibility, show that in Iran, there is no special judicial body for protection of human rights and present structure of judicial bodies, cannot protect and apply human rights of citizens, Comprehensively.



judicial responsibility, judicial supervision, citizen rights, human rights, judicial courts, internal courts, international courts, judicial system of Iran.

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