Goals and Policies of Shia Imams in Protection and Promotion of the Holy Quran

*Mohammad Mustafa Asa’di,, Hassan Salmabadi, Raza Niroomand, Bagher Riyahimehr Riyahimehr


Shia Imams had various strategies in protecting and promotion of religion.  One of these strategies is protection and promotion of the Holy Quran.  The Imams’ activities in this context are based on clear goals and policies.  This paper reviews and determines their goals and policies in specified strategy.  It is assumed that the Imams had a target path which starts with introducing of Quran and then teaching it, implementing it, and earning prosperity through Quran.  In line with these goals, they made the policies and explained as: noticing the non-distorted Quran, noticing the customs of reciting Quran, noticing the customs of interpretation of Quran, and noticing the damages in dealing with Quran are part of these policies.  The research method in this paper is descriptive and analyzing the contents.


Shia Imams, Goals, Policy Making, Promotion of Quran.

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