The Relation Between the Sermon of Ghadir and the Verses of the Holy Quran Associated with the Event

N. Gharavi Naeeni


The Messenger of Allah(p.b.u.h) gathered all Muslims who had come to last hajj (Hajj al-wida) in place GhadirKhum, where the caravans were to separate from each other in order to return to their cities , then He recited his Sermon which mentioned the guardian(leadership)of  Ali bin Abitalib(A) for all Muslims. This is mentioned in Ayah 55 Surah Al-Maidah:”Verily, your guardians (after) Allah are His Messenger and the believers. Those who establish prayer and pay alms while they are bowing down(in prayer)’.

This paper is determining this relation with the interpretation of some ayat of Holly Quran and find that this Sermon was with the permit ion and revelation (vahi) from Allah. Also it was suitable with the Holy Qur’anic teaches as make it a culture for Muslim’s society.   


: Ghadir, Qura’nic Teaches, guardian, Velayat , Ali bin Abitalib

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