Sūrah Al- Kahf and the Issue of Imāmat

Mojgan Sarshar, Zeinab Shayestehfar


This article aims to clarify the issues of the leadership and reappearance of Imam Mahdi by investigating the topics in Sūrah Al- Kahf. This study is based on the three important stories in Sūrah Al-Kahf, which only exist in this sūrah: the stories of The Companions of the Cave, Khiḍr and Moses, and Dhul-Qarnayn. The article intends to show that Sūrah Al-Kahf introduces Imam Mahdi’s characteristics by scrutinizing the structure and content of the sūrah and making a connection with the three mentioned stories. This article offers a general overview of the sūrah's content along with its important sections, leading to a description of the specific characteristics and status of Sūrah Al-Kahf. The most important findings of this article are that the first two stories (the mysteries of the cave with a thousand-year sleep, and the mysteries of the elixir of life and a thousand-year period of being awake) are an indication of God’s creativity. The third story of this sūrah (the story of Dhul-Qarnayn), may be a symbol of the return of God’s Man (Imam Mahdi). He uses the knowledge and skills from his first life upon his return to this world, and travels across the globe using mysterious methods. Sūrah Al-Kahf refers to Imam Mahdi's reappearance: the characteristics, possibility and quality. 


Imam Al-Mahdī, Sūrah Al-Kahf, Dhul-Qarnayn, al-Khiḍr, Moses, return

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