Students' and Teachers' Perceptions of Possible Damages of Teaching Quran in Primary Schools: A Phenomenological Study

Esmat Naseri, Keyvan Salehi, Edris Dashti


The following researches goal is to cognate damages related to tuition Quran and courses named by gifts from sky on the level of primary schools students of Tehran city. Experimental phenomenology has been used in this project which contains a completion of information related to people who have experienced the phenomena of teaching these courses in class and then it gets to the process of analyzing and reduction of information into important propositions and terms followed by joining these propositions. Secondary it has got to delineation and analysis of others experiment who are related to the subject. The sampling method used for choosing the student was purposive and the teachers who had been chosen for the subject were experienced in teaching primary level and also the student were chosen by their interest into taking the interview. Five main contents of damages related to inappropriate books for teaching the courses, of tuition, damages related to the position of the course in the educational systems, family related damages and the ones related to the lack of the sense of responsibility were extracted from the interviews taken from the teachers. These interviews have also brought 14 tributary content related to the subject which has been mentioned in the following text. These 14 contents were not taking the sub career courses, improper economical states of the teachers, families compulsion to their kids for doing their religion related duties, improper modeling of kids from their portents who have weakness in doing their religions duties, lack of control and evaluation up on these courses, lack of alignment to the other courses, lack of innovation and invention. Deprivation of using modern method: of teaching, lacks of using sub teaching media and accouterment, teacher’s dominance and ascendance in tutting methods. Improper hand writes assertion in teaching the regulations. Lack of attention related to contemplation in learning subjects, lack of flexibility. There has been written several narrations for each of the sub contents mentioned in the table 2. Discoveries gathered from the analysis of these contents and the contents gathered from the teachers and instructors were based on an emphasis to tendency of memorization rather than knowledge tendency, accentuation related to memorizing the meaning of Arabic words, students to be passive in the process of tuition or learning and lack of using modern method of instruction. Assertion of using impresa and axiom was one of the damages extracted from this research based on this research, the thing which has to be considered is that as long as the process of increasing knowledge goes on among students, their need for the guide of Quran can be seen has been expected that the educational planners would help the students in the cultural amplification and religious cultivation


Damage, Believe, Content, Course Programming, Primary School Teacher.

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