The Sage or Perfect Man in Islamic Mysticism

Mina Mirzaei, Maryam Bakhtyar


The perfect man is a man who abides by the rules of the universe. One who knows truth? The perfect human is a different being for us all. Sounds much like a God and in essence the idea of a God to humans is one much like a human. This fact that human being is superior to all creatures and phenomenon's on the cosmos is a clear reality and has been declared in holy Qur'an and all Gnostics had the same opinion about this. This concept is one of the most substantial concepts in Islamic mysticism. In Ensan-e- Kamel by Nasafi comes: a perfect man is called sage, leader , guider, sheikh and this perfect man should always exists in the world because the perfectness of creatures is like a person and the perfect man is like the heart of that person. In guiding 


Perfect man, Human, Quran, Islam, Sufism.

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