Survey of light and color symbol in Islamic Myst

Forouzandeh Salehipour, Maryam Bakhtyar


In Gnosticism spiritual   matters expresses symbolically in order to understand symbolism of Gnosticism. Gnostic all intentions must be considered in secret saying since the Gnostic is a mirror in the face of the God light symbol describes the magi nary world of the Gnostics. And in fact they use imagination ability in order to illustrate their own Gnostic all experiences. This imagination link with saintliness world concepts makes their speech interesting and causes person enjoying from it. They have presented an important point of view regarding color and light  symbol of light is one of key and main significant discusses in Islamic Gnosticism and it discussed extensively literatures of the Gnostics .Because they were familiar with and Have writhed an extensive divine light & experiences of light in their various books and monographs. Among these Muslim Gnostics. Eastern sheikh Sohrevardi and najme kobra frequently referred to divine lights category. Also making  use of  color word symbol for describing bodily affects and individual com compare hens ions of Islamic mystics have highly been noticeable; because color is of greatly ability and imaginability capacity and provide the mystics unique opportunity and power and therefore is a fundamental factor in the mystic personal view type; while this is less directed attention . This paper dealt with considering light & color in Islamic mystics with hope that somewhat widen attitude on Audiences mystic symbols or help them discover mysteries of these words in mystic works.


Mystic، light، color، symbol، spirituality.

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