An Analysis of the Frequency of Imam Ali's Name in Tahmidiyes of Historical Sources of Islamic Iran

Zahra Alizade Birjandi Birjandi, Somaye Poursultani


One of the texts in which the manifestations and symbols of religious culture are reflected is historical sources. One can find the representation of religious culture and its components in such texts, influenced by various factors particularly religious beliefs. This descriptive-analytical study carried out based on the frequency of Imam Ali's name in historical sources of Islamic Iran from the beginning to the end of Qajar era aims at assessing and analyzing the procedure of mentioning Imam Ali's name in glorifications of historical sources and the influential factors on the method of using Imam Ali's name in the these books. The results show the effect of the government’s beliefs, people's beliefs, and social-political issues on glorifications, and generally, the discourse of the time is illustrated in the glorifications, influencing the way of mentioning Imam Ali's name.



Imam Ali (PBUH), Tahmidiye, Historical Basis

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