A Comparison of Self-efficacy and oral presentation ability between TEFL students in the class

Samira Habibi Mazaheri, Saeed Yazdani


Self efficacy refers to the beliefs about one‘s capabilities to learn or perform behaviors at designated levels. It can be considered as individuals‘judgments about their abilities to carry out the actions and behaviors needed to succeed and reach to the predetermined goals .This thesis sought to investigate whether students’ self efficacy and their oral presentation ability have relationship with each other .Also, the level of students’ self efficacy in BA and MA degrees have been compared. In order to address these issues, a total of 75 TEFL students (35MA  and 40BA) from Science and Research university in Tehran with age range of 20 to 35 participate in this research .To meet the mentioned aims, all subjects were given back ground questionnaire, English proficiency test, Oral presentation and self-efficacy (OPSE)questionnaire. By utilizing Pearson correlation coefficient, Levene's Test for Equality of Variances, independent sample t-test which determine whether the relationship  in means between the two groups – if it existed – was significant at the .05 level. revealed that there would be statistically significant relationship between the above-mentioned subjects .


Self-efficacy, oral presentation ability, MA & BA students and English as a foreign language.

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