Examining the importance of employability skill development: The case of 3rd year applied English language students

Asma Ounis


Studies examining the importance of employability skill development from students’ perspectives are rather limited. For this reason, the purpose of this study is to investigate the basic transferable academic skills, personal attributes and any other crucial employability skills that help future employees be easily integrated in a workplace. As a sample, twenty applied English language students from the Higher Institute of Languages in Gabes, Tunisia constituted the basic informant group. Upon the completion of their internship period, they provided data necessary for this research paper by filling in a questionnaire. The qualitative analysis of the research findings revealed that the trainees valued skill development as they were equipped with considerable knowledge in dealing with ICT usage, in displaying good communication skills and in possessing a rich repertoire of financial and legal terminologies useful for any business field. The findings have also revealed that the trainees held a wide range of intelligences, displayed active problem solving, demonstrated critical thinking skills, showed creative reasoning, and maintained developed self regulatory and metacognitive strategies. Other pertinent factors that help them be integrated within the workplace include the willingness to be cooperative, motivated and flexible. 


employability, academic skills, employability skills.

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