Investigating the role of ICT in teaching English at the tertiary level

Asma Ounis



Current studies in language pedagogy have shown a central interest in the implementation of innovative methodologies while teaching English as a foreign language. Thus, the issue of resorting to the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) has gained ground and has generated much debate over the actual requirements of increased ICT skills. The present study seeks to unveil the teachers’ conceptions regarding the implementation of ICT at the tertiary level. For this reason, an interview was held at the Higher Institute of Languages in Gabes with 25 high school language teachers of English who were included in this study through random sampling.  The findings revealed that most of the informants held positive attitudes towards the implementation of ICT.  They mainly alluded to the perceived positive effects not only on their own EFL teaching practices but also on their students’ learning processes and strategies. Despite the merits that are achieved through ICT, this study seeks also to pinpoint to a number of challenges that still have to be dealt with. 


Information Communications Technology (ICT), EFL teaching, EFL learning.

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